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Thank you for choosing Hotel Štefánik ****.We are pleased to ask you to read our General Terms and Conditions, which are a part of your contract. Terms apply, modify and clarify the contractual relationship between You and the hotel Štefánik ****, which you accept with your reservation.


Hotel Štefánik General Terms and Conditions ****


1. Service Provider Data

Title: STAR spol.s.r.o.-prevádzka Hotel Štefánik****, Nám. M. R. Štefánika 37,Myjava, 907 01
Settlement: Ul.Brezovská 474, 907 01 Myjava
Registration number OR: OR OS Trenčín, section: Sro registration number: insert number: 18689/R
Tax number: SK2020374895

2. General rules

2.1. The General Terms and Conditions govern the use of the Accommodation Facilities of the Service Provider and the related services, as well as the use of wellness services provided for accommodated and non-accommodated guests.
2.2. Special individual terms are not part of the published General Terms and Conditions, but do not exclude the possibility of concluding special agreements with tour mediators or organizers with conditions that may be different in the given cases, but corresponding type of business activity.

3. Contracting Party

3.1. Services provided by the Service Provider are used by Guest.
2.3 If a Service Order enters the Service Provider’s own Host, the Host Party is Guest. Provided the terms and conditions are met, the Service Provider and Guest shall become Parties (hereinafter referred to as the Parties).
3.3 If the Service Order enters the Service Provider from the Host Third Party Service (hereinafter referred to as the Referrer), the terms of their cooperation are governed by a contract concluded between the Service Provider and the Intermediary. In this case, the Service Provider is not required to verify whether the third person is legally representing the Guest.

4. Contract conclusion, reservation method, change of reservation, notification duty

4.1. The service provider accepts exclusively a reservation through its online reservation system, or by e-mail, fax or letter by letter (in writing). We only provide information on the phone! In case of reservation via the online booking system, please be sure to check the correctness of the details on the reservation form, especially the contact details of your arrival! In order to prevent abuse, the Accommodation Provider reserves the right to cancel the reservation if it turns out that the Guest can not be reached on the telephone number or e-mail address mentioned in the reservation or if the contact information is incorrectly stated and the reservation can not be validly confirmed; the team is also denied the right to accommodation.

4.2. The guest reservation contract is concluded by accepting the offer sent by the Service Provider in written form, or by a confirmation from the Guest. The contract is deemed to be in writing and, at the same time, means acceptance of the Service Provider’s General Terms and Conditions (GTC).

4.3. Oral reservation, agreement or change, or oral confirmation by the Service Provider, is not legally valid and does not imply the creation of a contract. All legal statements related to the service are valid only in written form.

4.4. The service provider reserves the right to reserve a backup payment in the specified amount in the revert reservation, in which case the service contract is concluded on the date the credit is credited to the bank account of the Service Provider. In the event that the deposit is not reimbursed within the deadline set in the confirmation, the Service Provider’s commitment to the offer and its obligation to provide services shall expire.

4.5. The contract for the use of the accommodation service is valid for a fixed period.

4.5.1. If a guest definitely leaves the room before the specified time, the Service Provider is entitled to claim the full consideration of the service specified in the Contract. The service provider has the right to re-sell the room, which will be released before the agreed date.

4.5.2. The Service Provider’s prior consent is required to extend the use of the accommodation service in the case of a Guest request. In this case, the Service Provider may reserve the payment of the service already paid.

4.6. A written agreement signed by both Parties is required to amend the Agreement.

5. Cancellation conditions

5.1. The ordered accommodation can be canceled or changed without a penalty of more than 7 days (in the main seasonal periods in tourism longer than 14 days) before the day of arrival. In this case, the full refund will be determined and paid in full. We accept the cancellation or change only in written form.

5.2. In the event of cancellation of a reservation less than 7 days but more than 3 days prior to arrival, a penalty of 30% of the total amount of the reservation is payable, in case of cancellation less than 3 days prior to arrival, a penalty of 50% of the total amount of the reservation is payable and if the reservation is canceled or the guest does not arrive, the contractual penalty is equal to the total amount of the reservation.

5.3. In the event of a cancellation or failure to cancel a reservation, the Obligator’s commitment to the accommodation, irrespective of the payment of the contractual penalty, shall expire and it shall be entitled to give the unused room to another Guest.

5.4. If a Party does not ensure the use of accommodation services by paying a deposit, credit card guarantee or otherwise, in the Contract as set out above, the Provider’s obligation to deliver the service on the day of arrival after 18:00 local time expires.

If the Contractor secures the use of the accommodation services by paying an advance payment, credit card or other guarantee, the Contract does not appear in the above mentioned manner and on the day of arrival until 18:00 local time or in writing no later arrival, the Service Provider will apply a contractual fine to the extent stipulated in the Contract, but at least the price of accommodation for one day. In such a case, the accommodation is reserved for the Contracting Party by 11:00 hours of the day following the day of its arrival, consequently the obligation of the Provider to deliver the service shall cease to exist.

5.5. The service provider provides for the reservation of products with special conditions, parcels, group tours or events, as different conditions than those mentioned above, which will be anchored in an individual Contract.

6. Prices

6.1. Room prices are available in the rooms at the reception. Other services are available at the wellness area or at the reception.

6.2. The service provider may freely change the published prices without notice.

6.3. In the announcement of prices, the Service Provider will also include the included VAT (s) in force at the time the offer is made, or their statutory rate. Tourist tax – local tax is not part of the price. The Service Provider may transfer the additional costs incurred as a result of a change to the applicable Tax Act (VAT, DCR), with the prior notice, to the Contracting Party.

6.4. Current discounts, stocks and other offers are published on the homepage (

7. Payment method, warranty

7.1. The Service Provider asks for the consideration of the services delivered to the Contracting Party at the latest after their use, but before leaving the accommodation facility. Under the individual agreement, an additional payment may be granted. In the event of late payment of the invoice upon postponement, the Provider shall be entitled to interest of 0.05% of the amount due for each day of delay, commencing on the day following the due date of the claim in question.

7.2. The service provider may require to guarantee the use of the service under the Agreement and to pay its consideration:

a) credit card guarantee; in this case, the value of the ordered and confirmed order is on the card, the Service Provider reserves the right to additionally charge a credit card for the Guest, any discrepancies that will be noticed after its departure (eg minibar consumption, damages, fines, etc.)In order to make the payment, guest must give his written consent in advance and provide the information necessary to make the payment.

b) payment of the deposit equal to the corresponding part or total amount of the subscription fee.

7.3. The service provider accepts non-cash means of payment (credit card or special contract: coupon, voucher, etc.).

7.4. The costs associated with any payment method are borne by the Contracting Party. A payment made in the form of a bank transaction is deemed to be paid whenever the service price is credited to the service provider’s bank account.

8. Method and terms of use of the service

8.1 Guests can stay in the rooms of the accommodation on arrival day from 14:00 hours (Check in); on the last day of the stay, it is mandatory to leave the room before 10:00 am (Check out).

8.2 If the guest wishes to stay in the room on the day before 8:00 am, the previous night will be charged.

8.3 The conditions of use of services provided by guests other than accommodation (wellness and other services) are determined by the local order, which is displayed at the place of provision of the service.

9. Pets, smoking

9.1. The whole service of the Provider is non-smoking. In the building, but especially in the guest rooms, there is a ban on smoking. Smoking can be in the yard in the reserved area or in the building on site reserved for this purpose. Breach of this prohibition is subject to a fine of € 100.

9.2. If a guest violates a smoking ban, as a result of which the building’s fire-safety equipment is activated or damage is caused to a building’s facility, Guest is required to pay for the damage and related costs prior to leaving.

10. Refusal to perform the contract, termination of service obligation

10.1. The Service Provider has the right to terminate the Service Agreement with immediate effect in order to deny the provision of the Services:
a) if the guest does not use the provided room, device or means in a manner consistent with their purpose.
b) if a guest in a lodging facility or in a service facility is in a safety, privacy, threatening, or in a hostile way or in a bad way, if it is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and its behavior is threatening, offensive or offensive otherwise unacceptable.
c) if a guest has an infectious disease,
d) if the Contracting Party does not comply with the obligation to pay the deposit provided for in the Contract by the set deadline.

10.2. If the Contract between the parties is not fulfilled due to the “vis major”, the contract expires.

11. Accommodation guarantee

11.1. If the Service Provider can not provide the services specified in the Agreement (eg overfilling, temporary operational problems, etc.), he / she is obliged to take care of the guest’s accommodation without delay.

11.2. Service Provider is required to:
a) the services listed in the Agreement provide / offer in another accommodation facility of the same or higher category for the re-confirmed price and for the duration stipulated in the Contract – or until the removal of the obstacle to the performance of the Contract. All costs associated with the provision of a substitute accommodation facility are borne by the Service Provider.
b) to provide a one-to-one free call to notify guests of the change of accommodation
c) to provide a free transfer for the guest to move to the offered accommodation facility, or to move back if possible.
11.3. If the Service Provider immediately complies with this and Host receives the offered substitute accommodation option, he may additionally not be entitled to damages to the Service Provider.

12. Disease or death of the guest

12.1. If a guest is ill at the time of using the accommodation service and is unable to act in his / her own interest, the service provider will offer him / her medical assistance.

12.2. In the case of a Disease / Death, the Service Provider claims from the relative or heir of the person who has suffered / died or the payer of the invoice compensation for costs incurred as medical expenses, the costs of the proceedings, the consideration for the services used before the death, respectively for any damages incurred for the equipment / equipment in connection with the illness / death.

13. Rights of the Contracting Party

13.1. In accordance with the Agreement, a guest is entitled to use the ordered room and accommodation facilities that belong to the normal range of services and do not fall under other special conditions in a manner that is consistent with their purpose.

13.2. During the stay at the accommodation and service, the guest may lodge a complaint in connection with the performance of the services provided by the Provider. The Service Provider undertakes to resolve a complaint filed in writing (and / or filed in writing) by him in writing.

13.3 The guest’s right to lodge a complaint by leaving the accommodation and the provision of services is extinguished.

14. Obligations of the Contracting Party

14.1. The contracting party is obliged to pay the consideration of the ordered services within the deadline and in the manner specified in the Contract.

14.2. The guest must take care to ensure that a child under 10 years of age for which he / she is in charge is staying at the Provider’s facilities only under the supervision of an adult.

14.3. Guests can not bring their meals and beverages to the accommodation unit. In case of breach of this prohibition, the Service Provider reserves the right to charge for a meal and drinks a flat fee of 6 € / person for 1 drink or meal.

15. Liability of the Contracting Party for damages

The guest is responsible for all damages suffered by the Service Provider or a third party by reason of the Host or the accompanying person or other persons for whom he is responsible. Responsibility persists even if the injured person has the right to claim damages directly from the Service Provider.

16. Service Provider Rights

If the guest does not fulfill his obligation to pay the price of his use or in the Contract of ordered but unutilized service plus a contractual fine, the Service Provider has the right to apply for securing his claims the exercise of the right of lien to the personal belongings of the Guest that he took with him to the accommodation facility .

17. Obligation of the Service Provider

Service Provider is required:
a) provide accommodation and fulfill other services ordered under the Agreement to comply with applicable regulations and accommodation standards.
b) to investigate the complainant’s written complaint, to take the necessary steps to resolve the problem and to capture these in writing.

18. Liability of the Service Provider for damages

18.1. The Service Provider is liable for any damage sustained by a Guest due to the loss, destruction or damage of his / her affairs unless the Provider proves that the damage occurred due to an irrevocable external cause and not to the fault of the Service Provider’s staff or guests or that caused by a damaged guest himself. The liability of the Service Provider persists only in the case of damages caused to items that the Guest has placed at a hotel in a reserved place or in his or her room
18.2. The guest must report the damage immediately to the reception desk and provide the Provider with all the information necessary to clarify the circumstances of the damage event, or to write a police record for the investigation by the police.
18.3. In respect of valuables, securities and cash, the Service Provider is responsible only if the matter is expressly taken into custody. If he has expressly refused to take over the goods or if the damage has arisen for the reason that he is responsible for the guest’s liability under the generally applicable rules, in this case, the performance of the evidence is the task of the guest.
18.4. The maximum damages rate is five times the rate of the room rate per day, unless the damage is less.

19. Secrecy

The Service Provider is required to act in the performance of his obligations under the Contract pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act and the disclosure of data in the public interest or the relevant data protection legislation. If a Party provides the Service Provider with personal data, the Service Provider must act in accordance with applicable internal regulations.

20. Vis major

The causes or circumstances (for example: war, fire, flood, weather, power strike, strike) that the Party can not influence (vis major) shall be exempt from any Party’s obligations under the Contract until the causes or circumstances persist. The parties agreed to do everything in their power to minimize the possibility of evolving these causes and circumstances and to remedy the damage or delay as soon as possible.

21. Other arrangements

Music production or other artistic performances, which the Contracting Party ensures itself and which are subject to mandatory reporting must notify the competent authorities in advance and in due time. All associated costs are for the benefit of the Contracting Party.
Promotional material – The guest agrees to ask the Service Provider for consent to the placement of the promotional materials and decorations. The spaces in which the action will take place must not be damaged by advertising or decoration. Assembly work must be carried out by professional staff and must be strictly adhered to by all statutory safety regulations. All with the assembly and dismantling of the associated costs go to the guest’s weight.
Lease and space – arranged rental of premises includes the preparation of premises and their furnishing that is available in the facility. The rental price of conference facilities includes rental of congress facilities such as canvas, data projector, flipchart + paper and pins.
Technique and supervision – if external technical work is required for the action, the costs incurred will be charged to the guest. Any outsourced company may carry out work or changes to property and equipment only with the written consent of the Service Provider. For large shares associated with increased energy consumption, these costs are charged to the Guest separately for actual consumption at the purchase price. If it is necessary for a hotel technician to be present and supervised during the event, one hour is commenced for one worker according to a valid additional services pricelist.
Use of hotel name and logo for media, press, etc. is permitted only with the prior written consent of the Service Provider.
The guest’s stay is also regulated by the Štefánik **** Accommodation Rules and Operating Rules, which is binding for hotel guests without exception.
No substances of a hazardous nature, explosives and ammunition, corrosives, poisons or toxic substances, infectious or radioactive materials may be introduced into the premises of the facility.
Items found The service provider will only send a request to the client. These things are stored in the hotel for a maximum of six months. After this time, objects of obvious value will be handed over to the competent authorities.

22. Final provisions

For the legal relationship between the Service Provider and the Contracting Party, the statutory provisions of the Slovak Civil Code are applicable.In order to resolve any legal dispute arising from a service contract, it falls within the exclusive jurisdiction of the court competent in the place of provision of services.
Place of payment is the seat of the hotel.
The obligation to notify in writing the General Terms and Conditions is fulfilled by placing them in the available places on the premises of the hotel and on the site of the hotel
If the individual terms of these General Terms and Conditions were or become ineffective or invalid, it does not affect the effectiveness or validity of the other provisions.

23. Validity

The revised Terms of Service here are effective from May 1, 2013.
By submitting your order, you acknowledge that you agree to the full terms of the above terms and conditions.