Accommodation rules

  1. Upon arrival, guests are required to show a valid ID – a citizen’s card, passport or other valid identity card.
  2. The hotel provides guests with services in the appropriate category.
  3. Room occupancy is possible on the day of arrival after 14:00, the room is available on the day of departure until 10:00. If the guest does not leave the accommodation in due time, the hotel is entitled to charge the next day’s accommodation.
  4. The magnetic card from the guest room stays at the hotel reception, its loss is charged 3 euros.
  1. Check-in from 22:00 to 06:00 is a night’s rest in the hotel’s guest accommodation, which is required to be accommodated.
  2. In the accommodation is strictly forbidden to smoke in addition to the places exactly designated. Breach of this prohibition is subject to a fine of € 100.
  3. The hotel operator is not responsible for the things occupied by persons brought into the premises for accommodation or storage.
  4. In the event of any damage resulting from undue treatment of the items located in the premises of the hotel and its facilities, the housed person is obliged to report the damage and adequately bear the costs incurred by the accommodation in their removal.
  5. The landlord reserves the right to terminate the guest’s stay without the right to a refund for accommodation if the accommodated person violates good morals or otherwise violates the accommodation rules.
  6. If a guest stays in advance for a certain type of room and the order is confirmed, the room will charge the room for the booked room even if the guest stays in the higher standard room on his own initiative.
  7. The hotel operator may, in exceptional circumstances, give the guest accommodation other than the one agreed, unless substantially different from the confirmed order.
  8. 12.If the guest requests an extension of the stay, the hotel may also provide him / her with a room other than the one in which he / she was originally accommodated.
  1. The accommodated guest agrees that in his / her room during the period of his / her stay he / she has the right to enter into a hotel, a waitress, a receptionist for the performance of his / her duties.
  2. For eventual visits to the room, the accommodated person is required to inform the employee in advance of the reception and will be allowed only after the consent of the worker, while the presence of the room is allowed until 22:00. The Receptionist is entitled to request an identification document from such a visit. In justified cases, the receptionist is not allowed to visit the delegation. If a visit stays in the room for an unusually long time, more than 60 minutes, the receptionist is entitled to request a refund of accommodation according to the valid price list.
  3. In room, as well as other rooms of the hotel, the guest must not move the facility, make any repairs or any interventions to the electricity grid or other installation.
  4. In the accommodation facility and in the room, guests are not allowed to use their own electrical appliances. This does not apply to the personal computer and electrical appliances serving the guest’s personal hygiene.
  1. Pets are not allowed.
  2. The accommodation facility will arrange for medical assistance or transportation to the hospital if the patient is ill or injured.
  3. For safety reasons, it is not appropriate to leave children under 10 years of age without adult supervision, either in the hotel room or in other hotel rooms.
  4. Guests are not allowed to take sports equipment and articles if they have a different place at their disposal.
  1. Complaints of accommodated clients and possible suggestions for improving the operation of the accommodation facility are accepted by the director or, respectively, his representative.
  2. The hotel has a fire alarm on the visible and accommodated guests. Guests are required to comply with this fire regulations when staying.


The  accommodation rules are valid from 1.2.2012.