Hotel Štefánik****

Pearl of Myjavské kopanice

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The Stefanik Hotel is a replica of the original building of a public inn which formed the Myjava square since the end of 19th century. It was a guest house with a porch where Milan Rastislav Stefanik was recruited – it was on April 19th, 1902 and April 13th, 1904.
The name of the hotel symbolises a wider interconnection between genius loci of Myjava and M.R. Stefanik’s personality and his family, mainly roots of his mother Albertina, born Jurenkova, from Tura Luka. It also symbolizes the activity of his father Pavol Stefanik in Myjava as a chaplain, as well as their marriage in a Protestant temple on July 4th, 1871.This is where a Protestant chaplain, priest, and M.R.Stefanik’s eldest brother Igor Branislav Stefanik worked. Also M.R. Stefanik’s sisters lived there for most of the time – it was Elena, married to a nationalist and accountant of the Bank of Myjava, Milos Izak; and Antonia, married to a Protestant priest Ladislav Vannay. As a result, M.R. Stefanik never forgot to visit Myjava when going to his homeland, Kosariska, and he always sent written greetings to Myjava from his scientific trips through these people.
Thanks to these roots, there has been created the first memorial of M.R. Stefanik and has remained unchanged through all the regimes until now. This genesis of the relation between Myjava and this great personality is nowadays represented by the Stefanik Hotel – not only by the name, but by the quality of interiors connected to the historical period in which M.R. Stefanik lived.